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Amara Musa (APM)

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Amara Musa is the founder and manager of Higher Level 360 Entertainment (HL360 Entertainment), popularly known as APM, was born in Kenema, Sierra Leone. He went to K-school primary school in Kenema and moved with his family to the capital city Freetown at the age of 10, where he continued primary school and later went on to secondary school at the Muslim Congress secondary school.

In 1997 during the civil war in his country, he relocated to the Gambia as a refugee, where he continued senior secondary school and later went on and moved to Norway with his family and went on to educate himself as an auto mechanic. During his time in Norway, he started producing music and videos as a hobby and had a great interest in his country´s entertainment industry. He is also the CEO and founder of APM Auto Service in Oslo, Norway. When he went for a holiday back in 2013 he met up with singer, songwriter, and performer Mohamed Lamrana Bah popularly known by his artist name Dallas Bantan through a friend and went on to become his manager and business partner. They both have a goal of taking Sierra Leone music to the forefront of the international entertainment industry. They have since released one an album and multiple hit singles that has taken many people by surprise and helping to bring in more awareness to Sierra Leone music industry.

Amara Musa / APM
Amara Musa / APM