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Samza | Biography, Music & Booking

Samza | Biography, Music & Booking

Sierra Leonean / Sierra Leone



Frank Samza Serry is a Sierra Leonean by blood, born to both Sierra Leonean parents. He is temne by tribe and grew up with a family of six siblings.

He attended the same institution for both his primary and secondary education; in Tintafor lungi known as Saint Augustine were he attained BECE and WASSCE levels.

Samza and Kracktwist were friends from a young age, it was those days that they were both showing their interests for music through occasional freestyles.

After being successful in his early education, Samza propelled to NJALA university. It was in university that Samza began to show his real passion for making music. He was involved in many rap battle competitions, winning a huge percentage of them, were his fame began to rise.

He’s an authentic krio style of rap (which he believes was irresistible) is what he was known for, together with Kracktwist.

They decided to form a studio and build a musical group called BTC (Best talent collaboration) which featured Base one, Kracktwist, Samza, Latifa and Skull p.

Hence BTC was a musical group and each artist is liable to go Solo. Kracktwist & Samza decided to collaborate and work as one; as they would always work together, sharing ideas, when building a new song.

The first song Samza recorded as a member of BTC was actually a song titled Free Born and it was done at freedom records in Bo Town, produced by Solo.

Samza who is known for the slogan “hmmmmba” believes that the style (authentic krio with a blend of temne) that he brings to the Salone music Industry is unique.

By observing the trends, he feels that he has a role to play and works hard to achieve his targets.

Early 2017 Samza was signed to the prestigious KME (Kabaka Multimedia Entertainment) label alongside other artists, and have been releasing hits ever since. One of these includes the major hit song Thop. In 2017, Samza together with his friend and mentor, krackTwist made an international collaboration with Senegal artist – Fafadi. They have also worked with big Sierra Leonean artists such as Abizzy, Shadow Boxxer and other top KME artists.

In 2018 Kracktwist & Samza won the NEA Award as the Best group in the country and other awards.

In March 2019 they released their second Album at the Radisson Blu Garden in Freetown. Which was very successful; making available 4 promotional songs like, Wi Jonkshon, Respect ft Shadow Boxer, Same life Remix featuring many Sierra Leone famous rappers.

Even though Samza is financially stable, he still has the feeling that he would enter the accounting field practicing what he studied at university




Agency Kabaka Multimedia & Entertainment (K.M.E)

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