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Dallas Bantan | Biography, Music & Booking

Dallas Bantan | Biography, Music & Booking

Sierra Leonean / Sierra Leone

Dallas Bantan Higher Level



On July 19, 1984, a young man was given birth to in the beautiful city of Freetown in Sierra Leone. Little did his parents knew that they had given birth to the Future king of dancehall music in Africa.

When you are talking of artists who sing real African dancehall vibe within Sierra Leone and Africa at large, Muhammed L Bah who goes with the stage name ‘Dallas Bantan’ would be mentioned.

Dallas Bantan started his musical career at age 19 but was brought to the limelight at age 23. He has been able to shape the dancehall music in his little way and he has also caved a niche for himself in the Africa music industry. His simple and humble style of living has really made people to like him. He could be simply referred to as the epitome of humbleness.

He is currently signed to Higher Level Records which is managed by Amara Musa aka APM.

Dallas has several hit singles and three albums (Brand New Style, Dancehall King, and New Age Vibez) to his credit. One of his biggest single so far is ‘Dance For Me’ which was released in ‘2015’ as one of the tracks in his album ‘NEW AGE VIBEZ’. The song topped music charts of several African countries for weeks.


The following are some of Dallas songs and year of release ;

Me Lovetta · 2015

Sweet Honey · 2015

Dance For Me · 2015

Maria – 2017

Monica – 2017

Odo Fever – 2017

Date Your Paddy – 2018

One Wivon – 2018

Rush Us – 2018

Fullamusu – 2018

Bantan has also won several prestigious awards both internationally and continentally. Such awards include lake international Best dancehall artist. He was even one of the artists invited to perform in the United Kingdom during the celebration of Sierra Leone 53 anniversary in London.

It might also surprise you to know that sometime last year, Dallas Bantan embarked on 2 international tours. He toured Australia and the United State of America last year. It was a massive success for him because of the large turnout and the support he received. His fans won’t forget the tour in a hurry. The memory will last forever in their minds.

All the accolades Dallas has received wasn’t on a silver platter. He worked really hard for it. It might surprise you to know that while you and I are busy snoring at night, Bantan is in the studio doing justice to different beats. He is a workaholic who doesn’t believe in laziness.

Dallas is the future of African music. The world really has to keep their finger crossed as Dallas Bantan takes over the African music pretty soon





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