Tieniel is an up and coming RnB , Afro Pop artist. she is a singer and a Model. She recently had an online Interview with Uncle Rahim of HL360 where they discussed at length. Enjoy the interview;

For the sake of those who are reading about you for the first time, please kindly tell us who you are and what you do?

Well, my name is Faith Akan but popularly known as Tieniel. I am an artiste and also a model.

What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?

My strongest memory of my childhood would be the day I lost my best friend. It was really a sad day for me and even till now, I still find it hard to get it off my mind. But what can I do?

May your friend’s soul rest in peace (Amen)So, if I may ask, what really drew you to the music?

Growing up for me was really fun. It is safer for me to say that I grew up around music and knowing fully well that my life is music, I decided to give music a shot and I have never regretted it. Plus I have a sweet voice.

What’s your own definition of music?

To me, music is life. Music is love. Music is feeling and lastly, music is me.

Is there anyone who influenced your decision to do music?

No! nobody influenced my decision to do music. It was a personal decision for me. Don’t forget I said earlier that I grew around music.

How do you create your music?

Honestly speaking, I create my music through my emotions and feelings.

What genre of music do you do?

 I do majorly Rnb and  Afro pop.

Please explain your creative process.

Very simple! Once I listen to a nice beat, I just pour out my heart on it.

Looking at the Nigeria music industry, the number of blown female artists is small compared to the male artists. In your own opinion, What could be wrong? 

To be frank with you Uncle Rahim, here in Nigeria, ladies don’t normally put so much interest in making music like guys. Even those they manage to come out but they end up drawing back , thinking they can’t make it in the game. So I think that’s the main problem. We need to encourage more ladies to do music and also, we need to give them more platforms and supports.

Do you see your chances of conquering the industry anytime soon? 

Why not? Definitely.

What do you think you have that other female artists doesn’t have? 

When it comes to music, all artist have their own selling point but I think my voice and my body moves is a killer.

Who is your favorite Nigerian female artist? 

That would be Tiwa Savage.

If you are to collaborate with any artists, who would that be?

OBO definitely.  

How many singles do you have out there? 

I have 8 single out there but I still have many unreleased songs. But I plan dropping them soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

Do you have an album ? 

No, not yet.

Are you signed to any record label? 

No,  but I’m into an entertainment organization that also works like a label. It is more of an entertainment outfit.

Most guys out there might want to know your relationship status. What’s your relationship status? 

(laughs) well, to God be the glory, I’m single.

What’s  your take on the recent #EndSARS protest? 

#ENDSARS protest is a very good move for Our country in terms of reformation of bad governance and protection of lives and properties of the citizens. To me , it was a right move in the right direction.

Where do you see yourself in the next 4 years? 

I see myself being on top of the world when it comes to music. One of the reasons why I’m putting in hard work everyday to achieve it.

What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

Business definitely.