Holumide is a versatile artist. He is producer and also an artiste. In this exclusive Interview with Uncle Rahim, Holumide talks about his music and his upcoming projects. Enjoy the interview;

For the sake of those who are reading about you for the first time, pls kindly tell us who you are and what you do? 
My names are Adeyoola Yusuf Olumide popularly known as Holumide Mr All In One. I Am an artiste and a music producer. 

If i may ask, Why music? 
 I do music because that’s what I have passion for. Funny enough, I have been singing since i was young. Music is my life or should i say its my blood because it runs in my veins.  Laughs!
What’s your own definition of music? 
Music is what makes me smile anytime I am sad. So, I can say music is life. I sing Afro Pop and RnB.
Is there anyone who influenced your decision to do music?  Nobody influenced me because its what have been doing since I was young. Though everything started in church. 
How do you create your music?
It depends on the things I see around me or the mood I am anytime I want to compose songs. 
You are also a producer, how do you combine all these together?
Since its what I love doing, its very easy for me. Anytime I want to produce for an artiste, I will have to stop my own song and work for the artiste. When I am done, I go back to work on my own song. I don’t rush jobs because I don’t wanna disappoint my fans. 
As an artist , can you fit into other genres of music?
Yes of course, I can fit into other genres of music. Bring it on!
Recently, you dropped a much talked about single “Daddy ” ft Hard Gun. What really inspired it?
My new song “Daddy” ft HardGun was just a freestyle in the studio and later turned big. I didn’t expect that my fans would turn up for the song. Big shout out to my brother in the industry “HardGun”, he really nailed it. 

What memorable responses have you had to your work?
My fans said they love my style and my jobs. That’s enough for me because I believe when the time comes the whole world will hear me. 
How wide is the scope of your music and fan base? Is it within only Ogun State alone?

I have so many fans from different states. Some even call me on phone and ask if am the one speaking . Lol! Some call to say hi and comment that they love my song. I thank God for that and some follow and comment on social media. I know am going places, I have strong believe that the whole world will hear me soon since I don’t relent. 
What is your relationship with other artists in Ogun State? 
Most of the artiste in Ogun State comes to my studio to work with me. I record and do beat for most of them. We show ourselves love in Ogun State. Love is the main thing cos we don’t know who is next to blow. 

Let me put you on the spot, What do you like and dislike about your work?
When it comes to production level, I don’t like making beats because it takes time and artistes don’t pay better money for it. Besides, there are lots of beats online now. I am not after the money but a least the artiste should appreciate the producer. I am always happy anytime am recording for a dope artiste. I prefer recording, mixing and mastering to making beat. Basically, I do recording, mixing and mastering. And I make sure I give the artiste the best. 
Who would you like to be compared with?
Smiles! I don’t know about that oooo. Compare me with anybody you think you can. Am doing my things my way, and my fans love it like that.

For how long do you intend to do music? 

I will be doing music till eternity. I don’t know the year am gonna stop doing music. I can’t even stop it at my old age. Lol…. 
Are you signed to any record label?
Yeah, I am currently under a dynamic movement called “Marshal Sounds Music” formerly known as iClass Music. The C.E.O is my brother and he believes so much in me. 

Do you have an album yet?
No, but I have so many tracks to drop. I featured some artistes on it. You guys should keep your fingers crossed.  
On a final note, What project are you working on presently and when should your fans be expecting it? 
Well, I am working on a project titled “Pack and go” which am dropping next year on my birthday but very soon I will be dropping my new song with Otega titled “Gather Here” this year. The song is definitely gonna blow your mind because its 100% dope. The song was produced by “Meezy”, mixed and mastered by me.