"We Have So Much Talents in The Northern Part of Nigeria" - Dj Cinch

DJ cinch is a Kaduna based versatile Nigerian Artist. He is a songwriter, producer, Pro-Dj, and a rapper. The graduate of Kaduna State University has shared stage with some of the big guns in the industry. Big guns like 2face, Burna Boy, Terry Tha Rapman amongst others. Enjoy this interesting piece of interview with Uncle Rahim.

As a multi-talented artist, how do you try to balance being a Dj, songwriter, rapper, music producer amongst others?

To be honest with you, right now I am concentrating more on making good music for my fans. Though i am still doing the Dj thing on a low. I am also into music production.

How did it started? Who and what inspired you?

I can’t really remember the exact year but I think it was around 2010/2011.I started Deejaying when I lost my dad. I was doing it to earn a living for myself. It wasn’t easy for me that time coupled with the fact that i needed to sponsor my university education then. But I was able to pull through.

How did you coin your stage name DJ Cinch?

I did actually came across the word Cinch (easy task) from the dictionary and I loved the meaning . That was how I adopted it as my stage name. At first, it used to be Cinch then i changed it to young Cinch and now Dj Cinch. I added Dj to it when I became a Dj. It was like a transitional process for me.

As a DJ, do you have a genre preference?

I Just love good vibes no matter the genre.

What would you say is your strategy of getting the crowd going?           

I just do music that people can easily relate to. That’s all! And it has been quite easy for me. You know i have been doing this for a while.

Rappers are known to be philosophers, deep thinkers and changers of the world. How do you use your music to change the world?

Well, My kind of music makes people happy. I also have songs that advice and encourage people about life too. For example, my songs, “Saminaka” and “Be Yourself” are inspirational songs.

As a rapper, can you fit into other genres of music?

Laughs! Why not? I rap and sing too. I also have some musical part of me that people don’t know yet but soon, it will reveal itself.

In 2019, Terry Tha Rapman featured you in a hit single “Janwuya” which was produced by you. How did it happened and what is your relationship with him?

Terry is a Veteran in the game. In fact, he’s one of the pioneers of modern Nigerian hip hop. He’s also like a big brother and OG to me. The collaboration just happened naturally without stress and it is an honor to be featured by a Legend like him.

Over the years, artists have refused to give songwriters enough credits. What do you think could be the cause of this and Have you ever written a song for any of the A-list artists in the industry?

You know the Nigeria music industry is still evolving and I believe very soon, song writers will be be given the due credits and appreciated as well. I’ve also written songs for people but I’ll love to keep it on the low.

According to a reports, you became the most trending artiste in Kaduna after the success of your cover of Olamide’s Hit song “Wo”. How  was the success like?

I still feel good about it because I’ve been doing music for a long time and finally my “WO” cover did the magic. it was a special moment in my career that I’ll never forget.

Did Olamide reached out to you after that?

No! Olamide is yet to reach out to me but I believe sooner or later we go Jam.

Also recently, you dropped the much talked about song, “That Hausa Rapper” ft. Boc Madaki. How has the feedback been?

The feedback for “That Hausa Rapper” has been amazing and I’m happy we did it for the hip hop culture in Arewa. The feedback has been crazy and the fans love it. In fact, everyday I receive messages, calls about the song. I hoping to do the remix with DJ Ab, Kheengs, Classic, Morel and Dr smith on it.

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You also performed at Burna Boy Live in Kaduna and Afropolitan Vibes Lagos both in 2018, which of these platforms would you say opened more doors for you?

Afropolitan vibes music festival is the biggest stage I’ve ever performed in my career for now and its still opening more doors for me. Last year I headlined “The Kaduna Book and art Festival”.

How would you describe the Music Industry in the North? Is the government doing enough by investing into it?

I think Government, private sector and even individuals needs to support the music industry . Because by doing so, it will help reduce crime and social vices. we’ve got so much talents and potentials here in the Northern part of Nigeria.

You are currently signed under Up North Recordz. What is your relationship with Choclate city?

Last year, I officially signed up with Up North Recordz which is an imprint of Chocolate City Music.

Professionally, what are your goals and dream projects?

I don’t like disclosing my goals. I just chase them.

So what is your final word for your fans?

Thank you for having me Uncle Rahim. God bless my fans “CINCHONIANS” Please keep supporting my brand and don’t forget to follow me on all social media platforms @dijaycinch.