KORBZ whose real name is Korgba kanu is a Norway based songwriter and artist. In this exclusive interview with Uncle Rahim of HL360, he gave an insight of his journey as an artist and also, his style of music.

Enjoy the interview;

If I may ask, what first got you into music? 

I have always had passion for music since I was little, but more from a listening point early on. I always knew every lyric to every song that I loved simply because of my passion so it kind of naturally came to me to start making music myself at some point.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

My music is a big fusion of all the factors that have influenced me to this day. You will hear a lot of Afrobeats sounds in my flow and beats as I am half Sierra Leonean, but also sounds of other genres like RnB and hip hop that i grew up listening to a lot. My accent is for the most part Americanized as that was how I was taught to speak English from small and also by me playing basketball and being influenced by the American basketball culture.

There are a lot of processes involved when it comes to making music. What is/are your creative process(es) ? 

My creative process starts when I hear a beat that gives me a certain feeling and inspiration. First comes the melodies, then the words.

What is your favorite part about this line of work? Your least favorite? Why?

It is hard to pick one part that is my favorite. It would have to be between the process of making and actual song, performing and creating a vibe with  a crowd or being able to travel and connect with other dope people. Maybe out of those 3 options I would say performing, but they are all very close to being my favorite. My least favorite would be waiting. Waiting on a song to be released, waiting on a song to be mixed/mastered or waiting on a music video to be cut finished. But at the same time, I try to be patient and let the process have its flow.

According to reports, you left Sierra Leone at age 3, do you still feel connected to Sierra Leone ? 

I was born in Norway. But I have been to sierra Leone and in fact, my dad brought the sierra leonean culture to our household growing up.

How would you describe your relationship Sierra Leone artists? 

Not good enough yet, but I want to make the connection stronger and build with other sierra leonean artists

“OLÉ” with Grenade is doing pretty well out there, what was the inspiration behind the song? 

Well, when I first heard the beat, I felt like it had a party/club vibe to it so I made my verse with that in mind. I also talk about a connection with a female so it is basically a club song where I interact and show my interest for a woman.


Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

Not really, as i have learnt that in life, if you practice and repeat something enough you would feel comfortable doing it when and where ever. I have also learnt to not be afraid to fail as failure will only lead to a lesson which you will benefit from later on. With that being said, I practice a lot on my performance so when I perform I feel comfortable as in my mind I have done the same movements a million times already.

What role does the artist have in society?

Different artist have different roles. An example would be that some artists play the role of speaking about what goes on in society and almost represent a movement through music while others speak about other aspects of life. My movement is spreading love, joy and ambition for the most part. I think it is important that artists realize that we have the power of influencing our audience and that we ask ourselves how do we want to present ourselves as role-models.

What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

Before I started making music 4 years ago I was working at the bank. I worked in Dnb Bank and Nordea bank which is 2 of the biggest banks in Scandinavia.

Considering you charming and good look, have you ever considered modeling? 

Not really, as I have always had passions that I have been determined on chasing to the point where other careers kind of would feel as a distraction. But I wouldn’t mind modelling a bit on the side now as it would fit great with me being an artist.

How do you treat your female fans? 

I treat them with love and appreciation as an artist is nothing without its fans.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Work hard and consistently, but at the same time never force making music. Music is best made when you feel like making it rather than trying to when you are not in that headspace. The best songs I have created happened spontaneously in moments when have I felt inspired. Also, have the mindset of not depending on anyone else but yourself as only you will work the hardest for your dream.

Lastly, What is one message you would give to your fans?

Speak positive and you will see that the positive you speak will enter your life.
And also stay excited for more good music from Korbz!