Mc Bishop is a comedian of the federal Republic of Nigeria. He is a graduate of Mass communication from the prestigious polytechnic, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic.In this interview with Uncle Rahim, he shared his thoughts on comedy in Nigeria, his relationship with Dr. Smile and upcoming projects. Enjoy the interview.

How are you holding up during this lockdown period?
I will say that it has not been easy because Covid changed everything that has to do with our daily activities. I guess we managed and kept managing this trying times.

If you are asked to perform under any circumstances during this period, will you consider it?
Very well! I will perform. What I do is comedy and it brings Happiness and joy to people. If I am called upon to,I will take it all up with joy. Laughter is LIFE

Has the lockdown affected the industry in anyways?
It has affected everything and comedy is one of the major sectors it affected. No gathering of whatsoever which means no event at all and events are our major source of income.

Now talking about comedy, What is comedy to you?

Comedy to me is Myself,my world and my life. Comedy to me is giving a service a doctor can give to a sick person. Comedy to me to someone who is down emotionally. Comedy is a way of using laughter to correct and send information to people. Without comedy life will be too serious

Do you still recall that moment you decided it is comedy or nothing?
Well., my decision to do comedy wasn’t difficult. I felt I was funny to the best of my knowledge. So I said yes this is it and believe me,it has been providing food on my table and given a place in the society. So no regrets whatsoever.

What distinguishes you from other comedians?
The difference between me and other comedians is that you might hardly see me cracking someone’s else’s joke. I will never and I feel as a comedian you should always have something to say at any given time. So I am always prepared .

During one of our previous interview, you said your first pay as a comedian was N200. How is the pay now? Are you laughing, smiling or frowning to the bank?
I’m laughing at the moment and it’s getting better. God has been faithful. We can’t complain. Up up is still the dream!

Talking about inspiration, how do you get your inspiration?
Inspiration comes from God Almighty. I could be watching a news or watching a football game or doing anything and the idea comes as a flash and boom,a material has come that will turn to a Joke.

Comedy in Nigeria has become a booming business considering the fact that everyone wants to venture into it. Do you feel people are now paying much attention to the industry?
Brands and organizations are paying attention to comedy now. Cooperate bodies are investing into it and I feel blessed to be in the profession. We can only hope for more support from major brands.

You once performed at a Glo concert. How did it happened and what was the experience like?
It was a comedy tour that Major communication Giants Globacomm were having, It was ABEOKUTA’S edition which I was called upon as one of the comedians based in ABEOKUTA. It was a great experience and the response was Epic. I enjoyed myself. We hope such events come up again in the nearest future.

How will you describe your relationship with Dr. Smile?
My relationship with Drsmile is a son to father relationship. He mentored me and showed me so many things that brought about positive impact in my life and career. I pray upcoming comedians meet mentors like Drsmile. He’s this type of person that wont hide his feelings. He will say it the way it is and if u are not ready to Listen to correction,sorry he’s done with u. He got standards and won’t go less to please anybody.

A lot of people have argued that Instagram skit comedians are over saturated. What’s your take about this and why haven’t you been dropping skits?
For me,standup comedy is where I major. Yes I can do skits too but stand up comedy any day. Skits comedians have floored the comedy scene but very few of them are really doing something that’s quite Appreciable but even with boom in the skits Making trend,I will still stick majorly to stand up comedy anytime. I won’t follow the crowd just because everyone is doing skits.

Looking back from where you started Mc. Bishop, do you feel you are there already?
I’m not where I was before. Better off and to God I give my gratitude to. And to your question regards if am there yet,well I’m just starting. God is still taking us forward and we shall all get there . By God’s Grace (Ameen)

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

5years from now, God sees My heart. He knows what I want. So let’s Keep the future in God’s hands. God has the perfect plan for us all.

Should we be expecting a Mc. Bishop comedy concert anytime soon?

Yes a concert very soon. For now, let’s stay safe. As soon as the pandemic is over, something is coming soon by God’s grace and mercy.

On a final note, What is your message to up and coming comedians looking up to you?
My message to upcoming comedians like myself is to trust God. pray often and be respectful. Keep working on yourself and be original. There’s a place for everyone. God will take us all there..