Despite being a Rapper, I can fit into any genre of music - Factoria
Factoria Ibile

Factoria is a Rapper, singer and a song writer. The Electrical Electronic Engineering graduate bares it all with Uncle Rahim in this exclusive interview where he said, despite being a Rapper, he can fit into any genre of music . Enjoy!

What have you been up to recently?

Work !Work!!Work!!!

Has the recent lockdown affected your musical plans in anyways?

Yes! Though recordings are going on but imagine producing goods you can’t take to people for consumption. No shows , only online platforms has been keeping the brand up and running .

Just recently, you dropped your much talked about single “Nobody”, what was the inspiration behind it?

God is the inspiration behind all my songs. Funnily, I was not even dating when I recorded Nobody and a lot of fans are thinking otherwise. It’s always easy for me to pick a subject and fine-tune it to suit people moments.

How is the single doing out there? Does it meet your expectations?

Wow! The acceptance is encouraging. Getting more fans especially the ladies and lovers of good music reviews everyday.

You switched from your normal core rap style to dance, does that mean you’ve switched to another genre?

Laugh!Not at all. I did not switched. This is me just trying to sample other genre meaning I can easily fits in when features pops up or it a sharp signal to promoters/brands that might want to partner. I can do other things aside the core rap , but the origin never changed .

A lot of people have compared you with other rappers in the industry right now. Most people have argued that you are better than some of the rappers in the industry. Do you feel the same way?

It’s normal for fans to compare. Funny everyone is with one unique talent or the other. So I don’t see myself better than some or others. I’m just here to fulfill destiny, make myself , family and fans proud .

Is there any Rapper out there you feel is over hyped?

Well ! I won’t talk but I one or two .Lol!

What is your relationship with Zlatan?

He is a brother in game. We participated at Airtel One mic competition together. We do talk sometimes but not as close as when we were still both on the Street together. He’s good at what he’s doing and I love that .

Recently, over 3000 rape cases were recorded in the country during the lockdown. What is your take on rape?

Well ! It is sad , I just pray for more sanity environment .

What is your relationship status?


On a final note, What other plans do you have for the coming months?

I pray COVID-19 should just please vanish real quick. All plans are about making music , as well Nobody official Video processing …Thanks