Buckatel is a versatile artist and a song writer. Recently, he just got signed to Team Higher Level. One of our team recently caught up with him in an exclusive online interview where he bears it all on his musical career and Salone music generally. Enjoy the interview

For the sake of those who are reading about you for the first time, briefly introduce yourself. 
My real name is Edward Bockarie Popularly known as Buckatel. I was Born and raised in west Africa, freetown Sierra Leone to be precise.

 I’m an artist, a singer and a song writer. Give an insight of your family and educational background 
My family came from the East side of sierraleone but end up settled in freetown city where i was born. I had my primary school education at the popular S.C.S primary school And later forward to Albert academy secondary school.

How did music start for you? 
I started doing music Since I was a kid. As a kid, music was playing in me But i finally discovered my talent when i did my first song with a producer call Jada vizzle. The song was titled Ready for me. After that song, i was so in love with music. That was how i started doing songs with some of our local stars like Famus and more…

What genre of music do you do? 
The type of music i do is called Afro Dancehall.

If not music, what would you be doing?

  Without  music, I  should have been doing Electrical installation Because that’s what i studied  and in fact, I’m trying to get my HND on it.

What was your parents reaction when they realized you are into music? Did they support your move or were against it? 
My family never liked the idea of me doing music but that’s my craft i just have to master it with or without their support.

How do you intend to convince them? 
They are always against it But the only way i can convince them is by being more successful in this music business.

What inspires your music? 

My inspiration come from the Lord and the things that happens in my personal life and also around me.
Do you smoke or drink? You already know we all need to stay higher than our troubles.

Are you signed to any label? 

Right now, I am singed to the biggest label in Sierra Leone. I’m signed to  Team Higher level.

How many singles do you have out there or you already have album? 
No album from me for now But i have one mix tape and a lot of singles that i have been doing all this past years. In fact, I have a single I will be dropping anytime soon. 

How would you describe Salone music at the moment?

Sierra Leone music is raising we just need the support of the government. To be honest with you, we got the talents and all its takes to get there. Adequate funding is what we need. The government really need to support us and invest more in the industry like every other African countries.

How do you intend to put Salone music in the Africa Entertainment map? 

My plans are not only to put Sierra Leone music to the African map but the world map. This is why my next mix tape is going to be nothing but international vibes. More details about the mixtape will be communicated to you.

What is your relationship with Dallas Bantan? 
Dallas Bantan is like a Big brother and a music teacher to me.

On  final note, what would you like to tell your fans? 

I just wanna let the fans know that i appreciate their love and support.  My next mix tape is dedicated to them. 
How can they reach out to you on social media? 
 Fans can reach out to me on Facebook. My Facebook name is Buckatel Tizzy while my  handle  is Lahai eddie. They can also reach out to me via mail