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Gabriel Akunyili (Naija Boy)

popularly know as Naijaboy was born and raised in Nigeria to the family of Dr and Mrs Akunyili. He started his entertainment career as a hobby through his roles in many maiming roles in high school. He went on to assume that role of Director of socials at the University of Nsukka at his first year and went on to elevating to organising events and parties throughout his university days at cave lounge, Alleys and many more nightclubs. He was also among the group that hosted comedy cluster in Abuja using the University of Abuja as a pivot.
He later emigrated to Norway where he continued to grow in his entertainment adventure. He was among a group of talented people of various backgrounds to launch COG OMG (chronicles of griots, Organised madness group). Which had about 12 members of different nationality from Norwegian, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Liberia, Sweden and Latin America. After the group made impact on the Norwegian entertainment scene various individuals built bridges to common interests which lead to him and Amara Musa to go out and establish Higher level records and Higher level 360 entertainment website as professional business. He is currently the business/booking coordinator for our main artist Dallas Bantan and other higher level artists. He is said to be humble, initiative rich and always easy to work with. His hobbies include outdoor activities in nature, exercising, socializing and cooking while blasting music. The 3 most important things to him is family friends and music.