Lot of controversies has been tailing the just concluded Big Brother Naija . In an exclusive interview with higherlevel360.com top publisher (Akinremi Abdul Raheem), SAMM CHIZI expresses his displeasure with the television show. He also provided an alternative for the airing of the program. Enjoy the interview below and don’t forget to drop your comments via the comment box below.

Only few has been heard from you lately after the release of DAMILOHUN. Is there any project you are working on presently?

Yh.. I really do have stuffs down already, good tunes… Still trying to complete some unfinished jobs but majorly would be dropping a mixtape soon.. On one of Jon Bellion’s sound.. He’s Legendary..

i-think-big-brother-naija-should-be-removed-from-public-tv-samm-chiziJudging by the number of streams DAMILOHUN recorded on soundcloud, would you say the track recorded more success than your previous hit single ‘SIMI’?

Nope SIMI was like and explosion to me yh, it actually hit some certain regions I never thought of.. It was actually surprising because this was just my first ever single.. It’s still a Classic any day.. DAMI LOHUN needs more promotion… Because it’s nice jam and it’s potential is way more


Earlier this year, there were news on social media about you signing a record deal with a record label. Can you shed more lights on this?

Yhhh a couple of bridges here and there, we just have to choose which would favour us.. The process is not easy and you don’t want to regret falling into the wrong hands..
So I’m still independent for now.. God’s grace we tarry..

Would you mind sharing the content of the record deal?

LOL… It’s pretty confidential when it comes to that aspect.. When I’m signed yu would know..

As far as higherlevel360.com knows, majority of your songs, if not all were produced by the monster producer’ Timi Jay’. Do you have any plan of working with other producers soon?

I love working with TIMIJAY… He’s open minded to anything.. He tries new stuff… And we create magic together… I’d be able to work with other producers but they have to work 100% with me, because I create my sound and wish to hear what I want…. Understanding between artists and producers is key… I was featured by a couple producers earlier this year NEILLUSION , DVMI, more to come..

The just concluded Big Brother Naija recorded over a hundred millions votes with massive followers by Nigerians youths. Some are of the opinion that it is a misplaced priority considering the level of participation recorded by Nigerians youths. What is your take about this?

It’s entertainment… We all need it.. But the organizers should reduce the rate at which they show, intimate areas or activities on the program, or rate the program and remove it from public TV, because kids watch this stuff, and I mean Jss-Ss3.. So the don’t take the negative side of the characters in the program as a cool thing… Ethics matter and that’s what they need right now.. For example Cee-c, most girls I’ve seen.. most between 15-18 adore her behavior.. It’s not healthy…

Who were you rooting for at the just concluded BBN?

Ahaaaan.. Miracle all the way.. We die here… Lol

Miracle! Winner if Big Brother Naija


As young charming person, do we see you participating in big brother Africa in the future?

Yeah I do… It’s on my mind, would love to.

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