HL360 EXCLUSIVE: “I have over 10 collaborations so far” – Saintolar cc @Iamsaintolar @iamunclerahiiim

Here is another exciting edition of higherlevel360.com exclusive interviews. We present to you saintolar. Enjoy the interview below: Packaged by Akinremi Abdul Raheem.

How did you coin your stage name ‘Saintolar’?

Saint is my Nick,the Olar there is comprises of my names Otunola,Olaoti.Everything is all about Ola..So we have Saintolar.

You already have an album to your credit, how does it feels like?

It’s all by the grace of God Almighty.
It’s so amazing, so I always give God all the glory, cos He favoured me.

What were the challenges you faced while compiling the album?

It wasn’t easy at all,so many things i wouldn’t want to share,you know combining school and music hmmmmm
But I thank God for giving me the strength to carry on till the end “Indispensable Album.

How would you rate the success of the album?

For me it was a BiG success
Thanks to God Almighty,For bringing Moyinet Entertainment my way.I have had lots of testimonies ,even personally I’m blessed.

How did music started for you?

Been singing since my childhood .I also belong to so many music group back then and was greatly influenced by my Brother “Splendour” who is also an artist. I later formed a music, “The Explorers”. Before I later joined my Church Choir
which till date I’m an active member….

What genre of music do you do

Contemporary |rnb|hiphop|Sensational Alternative gospel

Why gospel songs and not secular music?

It’s a path I choose based on my believe and personal conviction. I just can’t do songs That won’t glorify the one who called me.He owns the gift.

Briefly give an insight of your educational background.

Currently an Undergraduate at the University of Ilorin
Bsc.Geography & Environmental Management.

How have you being able to combine music with education?

It has not been easy but, I thank God who makes all things easy,and work together for good.

Has there ever been a time you thought of dropping music for Education?

Yes o
I was formerly studying chemistry at Unilorin, then I had issues,had to step out for a while,before I now further more.

You dropped a hit single last year , November 14 , titled ‘Mama’. What is the inspiration behind the song?

My mum inspired me to do that very song,because of so much love I’ve received from her.She’s been so supportive through thick n thin.It’s a song for every mother
God bless our mothers!!!!


How would you rate the success of the song?

The song has been able to cut across alots ,because it a general piece for every listeners,and people really liked d song. Shout out to Spiqy for making d hit,and also Double Teezie for the Mix…

Would you consider yourself as a star already?

Although I’m not where I used to be,But I believe there’s a lot to come my way..So I wouldn’t allow little fame to enter my head
Watch out for Saintolar…. I’m a made star

If not music, what would you have ventured into?

Lol.. I’d be a motivational Speaker or Pastor



How many collaborations do you have so far?

Over 10 collaborations.

Which one would you consider has the biggest?

Wonder featuring Psalmos & Wellu Wellu featuring Biyi Samuel Igi Aruwe ( All in my Album)

Who do you really look up to in the industry?

Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?

I’d be doing so great ( Super star) and Enlarging God’s kingdom,all by His grace.

How can your fans reach you on social media?

I.G , FB ,Twitter : @Iamsaintolar

Thanks and God bless.
Once again thanks for interviewing me

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