Emeka Daniel popularly known as APPYDAY is a Nigerian artiste but based in Norway. He was actually one of the participants of the just concluded Norway Got talent where he got through to the semis. APPYDAY bares it all in an exclusive interview with Akinremi Abdul Raheem of Higherlevel360.com. Enjoy the interview ;

Please, briefly introduce yourself.

I am Appyday. Fans call me the masculine voice that fills the room with passion and desire because I sound very masculine. I am Nigerian but based in Norway.

What part of Nigeria are you from?

From Eastern Nigeria.

How does it feels been an African participant at the just concluded Norway Got talent?

Norway’s Got Talent was a good outing for me. It was also challenging because I chose to perform only my original songs, but it was fun.


Appyday performing at the Norway Got Talent show

<strong>Was there any form of racism or verbal abuse ?

No,nothing like that.

Did you ever thought you would get to the semis?

Well, I am always confident about my music. I expected to go far though I honestly did know how far.

How was the experience like?

The experience was mixed with Excitement, Tension, Happiness, Exhaustion and Celebration. But it was a good one.

<strong>Would you say Norway Got talent has created a platform for your music?

Sure, Appyday is now a name most people in Norway would easily recognize. Norway’s Got Talent gave me that platform.

If you are given the opportunity to participate again, will you?

I don’t know honestly. I may have to think about that.

For how long have you been doing music?

Music for me started from childhood. But I started professional music in 1999.


How did music started for you?

It’s a trait I inherited from my Mum’s side. I had about 4 Uncles and Aunts that were all musicians. I started my music from the church choir.

What genre of music do you do?

My Music is Afrobeat . Now I am about to Invent a new kind of music that I call Afro norsk. I think Norwegians will like it.



People say African artistes find it difficult to create a niche for themselves outside the shores of Africa. How true is this?

Yeah it is very true because where you live is supposed to be the first place to start music promotions, but its usually more difficult to promote African music to Europeans who grew up with their kind of music. But if you plan the business part of your music properly, you can actually turn it to a great advantage because being an African musician in Europe kind of makes you special.

How will you define your relationship with other African artiste in Norway?

I have a good relationship with other African Musicians here. Like my name suggests , I am a happy guy (laughs). Many African musicians here admire me. We all learn from each other.

What are you working on presently?

I just dropped a new single “Pamper You Shege” 2 days ago. It’s the kind of song that never gets old. I Poured a lot of emotions into that single. You should listen to it on Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal etc


If you are to change anything about the African music, what would that be?

I am not ready to change African music bro.


Because The world don’t need African music to change . What the world needs is actually more of African music. The western world today is copying African beats and music style. African artists especially from Nigeria are winning awards and gaining recognition all over the world. Dancers and choreographers all want to dance to African music. Please people want more African music. I don’t want to change it but instead I will do fusions and variations of African music blended with European music style just to produce new flavors.

So what would you like to change?

What I want to change is African Leaders and the way they are leading Africa in fruitless circles. Wasting the future and talents of the youth. This is why helpless men women and children from Africa end up as Slaves in Libya 🇱🇾. It’s a SHAME.

How do you unwind?

I go see movies and spend some time with family.

Wizkid just won The best international act at the MOBO award, would you say he is better than Davido?

The dudes are equally good. They are making Nigeria proud.


If you are to collaborate with any artiste right now, who would that be?

I got my eyes on Flavor. I like the Dude. He is 100% cool.

Lastly, how can fans reach you and on social media?

On Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @iamappyday.

Fans can also reach me through my website www.myappyday.com

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