Ishola Precious is a post graduate student at the prestigious University of Ilorin. He is a dancer and also an Artiste. In an exclusive interview with higherlevel360.com’s Akinremi Abdul Raheem, he gave an insight of personal life and his upcoming project.

Enjoy the interview below:

For the sake of those reading about you for the first time, briefly introduce yourself.

My name is Ishola Precious, Post graduate student of Unilorin, dept. Of Architecture. I dance majorly and sings partly.

You double as a dancer and also as a musician . How do you manage this two together?

It hasn’t been a concern yet, beacuse I prefer dancing to singing.

How best do you like to introduce yourself? Is it as an Musician or as a dancer?


I introduce myself as a dancer.

How did this two started for you?

Started dancing at 5/6yrs (Michael Jackson was the influence tho) started singing at 15yrs (My siblings were the influence).

Who was the first person to believe in you?

First person to believe in me was my Brother (iPraiz CEO of Explicit empire where our dance crew is a subset) then I just dance to feel good at home, that’s all. I was very shy and quiet but he pushed me to join a Teens Club in the Church and that was it, even after then I always want to play safe (do things within the box) he always encourage me to come out of the cocoon I.e think big etc. 6.

Briefly give an insight of your educational background.

Hmm.. Started schooling in Kwara and still schooling in Kwara. I attended Bethel nur & prim.school and also Emmanuel Baptist College for my secondary school.

How do you manage showbiz with education?

There’s something I like to say “You just gatta do what you gatta do” that’s it and both must not lack.

Architecture is a very tedious course with several forms of assignments. Would you agree with me that you are really a determined person and a goal getter?

Well I think I am, if not I won’t be answering this today, one has to be to do this with studying Architecture also. God is involved!

What genre of music do you do?

I’ve not really gone public with Music yet, but I prefer to do the R n B with the Afro flavour, you get.

How many singles do you have so far?

Few, but on paper (laughs)

Do you have any label?

Explicit music

Let’s talk about your upcoming events. What is it all about?

Yea, it’s a Dance and Music concert (Dance meets Music) featuring a dance production titled”DAB”. It’s a full package to unlock and an Experience to experience.

What really brought about the idea of the event?

It is supposed to be just Dance before, until IPraiz and I were discussing about it one evening and he suggested us giving it a facelift adding Music to it so the idea was birthed”Dance Meets Music” (DMM).

Do you have any sponsors?
Yea. God is.

When and where is the event taking place?
The event will be coming up February 28th at the Performing Arts Theatre, Unilorin.

How can people purchase their tickets?

People can get tickets at coke village (Item7) or call any of the numbers at the bottom of the flyer
Lastly, how can fans reach out to you on social media?

On IG – sunnypresh on twitter – Sunpresh facebook – Precious Ishola

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