HL360 EXCLUSIVE: “All my productions are hits” – Timi Jay


It is yet another exciting edition of HL360 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW. Our guest in this edition of HL360 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW is Timilehin Jolaoso popularly known as Timi Jay. He is a producer who has several hit musical productions to his credit.

In an exclusive interview with higherlevel360.com Akinremi Abdul Raheem, he shared with us how he started his music production journey. Enjoy the interview and don’t forget to drop your comments via the comment box below.

Please briefly introduce yourself.

I am Timilehin Jolaoso, Most people know me as Timi Jay. I am a music producer. I don’t have a particular Genre. lol.

How did you get started in the music and entertainment industry?

I got started Through the Help of my Family especially my Dad and bro.

Briefly give an insight of your educational background.

I graduated from high school 3-4 years ago and I am presently in College in my First year

How did you start producing and what gave you the motivation to stay with it?

I had a group of friends back then in high school. We were like d kings of rap in my whole school so I thought recording a track would be dope. Then I started making research on how to record my own song. I and my other friends recorded our first Track and it was Hot Nigga by Bobby Shura. it was recorded with a phone and was mixed unprofessionally. We even did a video for it lol. It was wack though. Since then I learnt a lot about music production and wanted to get better at it

When did you start producing professionally?

I started producing professionally 2years ago when I got my first Ever Condenser Mic with a Soundcard.

Was there any form of objection from your parents?

No at all. They Gave me all the support I needed.

Who was the first person to believe in you?

I was the first person to believe in myself. Lol.. My Elder Brother played a major role in my career. First of all, he gave me his Laptop and he installed Fl Studio in it. I practiced non stop till I got to where I am.

In your opinion, what classifies as a good mix and a good master?

The essence of Mixing and mastering is to correct mix balance issues and enhance particular sonic characteristics in a Track so basically a Track shouldn’t lack weight and clarity.

What does it really takes to be a successful producer?

Consistency And Endurance and lot of prayer

If not music production, what would you have venture into?

Honestly Speaking Nothing else, Making Music is like the only thing I can do, I always thought I didn’t have a talent wen I was a kid. But As I grew older I started noticing the flair for Photography in me.

How many instruments do you play?

Errrrmmmm I am not an instrumentalist but I can play the Piano to an extent and I can also play the Drum Set but I haven’t practiced in a while.

What is the inspiration behind most of your beats?

Most of my beats are inspired by the Artist I work with.

How many times have you fallen down, so to speak,and had to get back up and get yourself motivated again to continue?

I try my possible best not to lose hope because it’s not easy making Music everyday and the big money is not coming in the way it’s meant to. But I love what I do so no matter what happens I will still be in the game.

What is your greatest challenge as a producer?

My Greatest Challenge is getting to work with a Top musician. It’s not easy to gain access to any of them talk-less of them laying some vocals on a beat.

What keeps driving you?

I drive myself, I don’t wait for anybody to tell me a job well done. I keep making new beats designing new sounds everyday and waiting for d big pay day.

How many songs have you produced so far and which one would you consider to be the greatest hit?

All my Productions are Hit.

Have you worked with any of the big names we have in the industry?

Still Working on it, as I said earlier it’s not easy to get to the big people in the industry

Who is that artiste you would love to work with?

Naija Artist are awesome from the upcoming to the already know Musicians. I would love to work with Every artist so far he or she is Dope.

Are you signed to any label or do you have your personal label?

I am currently not signed to a Label but I own a Management Company called “TLN Entertainment”

Tell me about your latest project

My latest Project was Fell Out it was an EP I released on my birthday February 24, it talks about failed side situation of life and everyone can relate to it.

Most Nigerian songs lacks good Lyrical content. What is your take about this ?

There’s no song that lacks content you just need to know what point of view the musician wrote the song from. Although most Nigerian songs talk about Love, Women and money, just because they talk about this things doesn’t mean they lack content

What do you really think can be done to checkmate the lack of good Lyrical contents in our songs?

There’s always a story behind a song Good or Bad. The more exposed an artist is the better his/her lyrics,

Do you have any project you are working on presently?

Errrhhh I am always working on a project but no big project for now

How can artists get across to you for music productions?

FACEBOOK; www.fb.com/DjTimiJay

INSTAGRAM; www.instagram.com/officialtimijay

TWITTER; www.twitter.com/officialtimijay

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  1. Joan
    Joan says:

    WOW!!!!! Tim we got your back, I love your courage, no matter what happens I will still be in the game with u. Always learning something new from you each day. I love music…Some day you will give me a beat to my song as well

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