How did Oritse Femi become successful? Interesting biographical facts

Oritsefemi Majemite Ekele is well known to fans by his stage name ‘Oritse Femi’. He is a popular Nigerian musician who performs on stage and composes songs. tHe became very popular after he released his song “Double Wahala”, which is a remake of the legendary Fela Kuti’s work; this beautiful song also earned him 2 nominations at City People Entertainment Awards, and won him the most popular song of the year and the best Indigenous Artist awards for 2014. In the same year, he collaborated with D’banj to release the remix of the song.

If you are not indifferent to this artist, then you will find these top facts from his biography very interesting.

Biography of Oritse Femi
Early years and journey to success

His homeland is Lagos, but the star hails from Delta State. Oritse Femi was born on January 1, 1985 into a polygamous family with 7 wives and 30 children. He is the 3rd child of his mother. His father was an engineer and really wanted his sons to follow in his footsteps. His mother was a church worker and also wanted Oritse to support her; he however did not fulfill the wish of any of his parents by going into music.

Oritse Femi biography
Oritse Femi’s musical talents started to manifest when he was only 9 years old, he began to develop his skill by singing at his Primary School. The artist received inspiration on the street and communicated with poor people a lot, so he knows their problems very well; this has contributed greatly to the emotions he needs for composing songs. Life was not always easy for him, but he overcame all the tests and achieved significant career growth. He was quite poor growing up and lived in bad conditions, so when he got his first car, a Mercedes-Benz 190, in 2004, it was like the best day in his life.

The young man was going to study law at the University of Delta State, but he had to choose between studying and a musical career; it seems he made the best decision by choosing the latter. Music literally called him and he could not resist his creative desire.

Oritse Femi biography and path to success
Initially, music seemed like simply a form of entertainment to him; he did not even imagine that he would achieve the position that he has now. The popular musician is ever grateful to God for bringing him this far and helping him work with Shining Entertainment.

Oritse Femi has become a completely different person. In the past, he had interesting ideas and composed good music, but nobody needed it, and no one helped with making his work popular. But now, he can be proud to call himself one of the most popular artists in Nigeria.

Career growth

Everything started with his participation in modest music clubs and shows organized in schools. Oritse Femi performed at parties and won the heart of many; the people around him recognized his talent and advised him to take music seriously. They made him see that constant practice and persistence could bring his skill to perfection. As we see today, this turned out true. Femi’s attitude to music has become more serious and enthusiastic.

Oritse Femi
He got a good chance when Ragga Dub school was founded in Ajegunle. This allowed many modern celebrities to achieve a real breakthrough in their careers. Oritse Femi was one of them.

He began to compose unusual music, working in his own unique direction – Reality or Conscience Music, as he calls it. The musician appealed to the feelings of people, awakened the brightest and most positive emotions in their souls, used interesting elements of different styles and focused on various ways of doing music. He managed to not just compose good music, but also touch on social issues.

Oritse Femi was a member of a band called Jingolist which released 2 albums: “Boys Dibinu” and “Money Na Time”, each of which had 8 songs. It was a collaboration with Chibudo. But this project ended when the group split; the cause of their breakup is still not clear. There was news that a disagreement ensued between the band members, but the details were never disclosed to the public. The participants tried to start their own solo careers, but only Oritse Femi managed to do it successfully. His colleague Chibudo was not so lucky; as a result, he harboured resentments and repeatedly made negative comments about Oritse Femi.

Oritse Femi musician
Solo career

The solo activity of the artist really picked up after the release of his “Elewon” album; in his songs, he drew attention to political problems and the need to solve them. This album was released during the 2007-2008 elections and became very popular at the time.

The 2nd solo album he released was called “Unfadeables”. The musician spoke about impiety which has rapidly captured our world. One of hit tracks of that time was called “Mercy of the Lord”, he also released a video clip and a remix of the song later.

His “Unfadeables” album had 14 tracks. The musician collaborated with several musicians like Nico Gravity, B Kleen, Pasuma Wonder, 2fake, and some other celebrities who have many fans in Nigeria. In this album, he thanked his fans for their unending support and love for his music. The name of the album “Unfadeables” was also very symbolic; Oritse Femi wanted to emphasize that he rose above the tough situations he faced when no one knew about him, and point out how all those people who didn’t believe in him in the past, now see his success.

In 2013, after a short break, the artist returned to the stage with a new and improved sound style and went on to showcase unique and high-quality compositions; thanks to his hard work, he became famous and successful.

It was after his return he released his hit single “Double Wahala”. This work literally blew up the internet and the radio stations; and the song soon became really loved by many musicians in Nigeria.

Between 2013 – 2014, he put up many stage performances that were continuously loved and applauded by his audience; his stage performances alone brought him a profit of N60m. The musician received 4 prizes in 2014 Entertainment Awards. The net worth of Oritse Femi at the time rose up to $700 thousand.

Oritse Femi Nigerian musician
Personal life

Oriste Femi’s life as a celebrity has not been totally free of trouble; in 2014, grief knocked on the doors of this musician when he lost his father. He was 62 years old.

As for his private life, in 2014 journalists learned about his romantic relationship with Ella Mensah, the famous Ghanaian actress. She went on to confirm the story to the media.

Speaking of rumors, in 2014 his account on Instagram was hacked and the public got access to screenshots of the musician’s private chats which caused quite a stir. But im general, it is difficult to call Oritse Femi a scandalous person; he is a pious Christian who constantly thanks God for his career movement. This is also obvious in his song “Mercy of the Lord”.

The musician is generally inspired by his personal life experiences and claims that his mother’s prayers help him out of difficult situations. He also has great faith that with God’s help, one can achieve anything. He is a hip-hop musician who preaches the laws of the gospel.

Now, Oritse Femi lives at Ikeja and life keeps getting better and more interesting for him every day. His story teaches us that the main thing you need to succeed is to believe in your dreams. It is not always easy, but the joy of tomorrow will be worth it.

We hope that the biography of Oritse Femi was interesting to you. Be sure to check out all his albums and wonderful music. Let’s wish this artist happiness and success all the way.


How we are Making our Inter-Religious Marriage Work – Ella Mo

A number of reasons hinder promising relationships from resulting in marriage. In Nigeria, ethnic and religious differences is one of them.

Style blogger Ella Mo has shared on her Instagram page, how she is making her inter-religious marriage work.

She is a christian while her husband is a muslim.

This is her story as shared on her page:

Marrying A Muslim OR Christian and Vice Versa: So much mails and so much DMs on how I manage my religion in marriage, and I thought to drop this here: First of, pls know that because it worked for me doesn’t make it work for you.

When I took my husband to my parents, my heart was beating fast! I’m from a very strong catholic home! Infact, my old man is a Marriage Counsellor in church. My dad made him feel comfortable and when he left he asked me how I wanted him to face the church where he preached anti religion as one of reason for divorce in marriage. I didn’t say a word… And it ended well… We started to pray about him… My dad met the Rev. Father and told him about it all, Father called me and invited my husband and I… Told my husband I must practice my religion and nothing more else he wouldn’t join us… fast forward to getting into the car my husband was cold! I assured him I would manage it well, God help us.
After marriage an Alfa started coming home to teach me.. That religion isn’t bad after all.. I learnt a few and started following my husband to Nasfat. My husband would hand me over to any sister and say “Pls she’s a convert, help me coach her”… I met lots of amazing sisters there! Nasfat is sundays! church is Sunday! Then I found CLAM which was Wednesday’s and I started going with my husbands approval after so much convictions and personal prayers! I’m a proud CHRISMUS! Lol… After all we serve same God!

So here is my story for those asking! I call Allah and Jesus fluently! Whichever comes to my mouth when I pray is from my lips to His hears!

In summary, marry your husband! Mine is full of understanding, wisdom and love. If I come back to this world, I will marry him over and over again!

PS: My old man has since then changed his notion, Now he uses us as an example in marriage classes.

#TheMakunBrothers About To Start A New Reality Show

The Makun brothers (AY, Lanre & Yomi Casual) are set to launch their own reality show. The three brothers have been big players in the entertainment industry in recent years – AY breaking records with his movies & comedy shows, Lanre Makun with his show promotion and Yomi Casual is one of the biggest fashion designer in the industry.

AY shared the teaser for their forthcoming reality show on his Instagram account and wrote:

Me and my brothers @lanremakunevents and @yomicasual are taking a slightly different spin on things for your entertainment pleasure with #TheMakunBrothers reality TV show launching soon . #waitforit#comingsoon

Theme song by @davidjonesdavid

Leon Balogun reveals why he cried after Super Eagles qualified for 2018 World Cup

Mainz 05 defender, Leon Balogun, has revealed the reason he was in tears, after Nigeria qualified for the 2018 World Cup, following a 1-0 win over Zambia earlier this month.

Balogun had to be consoled by Super Eagles captain, John Obi Mikel and other players around him, before joining them in their post-match celebrations.

In an interview with Debola Adebanjo, the 29-year-old who missed out on a spot to the World Cup with Nigeria in 2014 due to a broken foot in his debut game, replied: “Better late than never that’s why I cried after the game.

“It was like, as a matter of fact I can even put it in words. I have spoken to my family, to my club and loved ones, they are like do you know what this means, I am like yes I know, but I’m not realising it.

“I think it will still take me couple of days, weeks, maybe months or maybe I won’t even realise once I get to the plane to Russia, but this right now so sure after the game seems unreal to me. Wow it’s just wow.

“I missed the one of 2014 because of a broken foot and then it happens now which is a childhood dreams, it’s just unbelievable.”


DJ Cuppy Brings Her Grandma To The Dance Floor With “Green Light”

Dj Cuppy, Daughter of Billionaire Business Mogul, Femi Otedola got her Grandma vibing to her latest hit track MMMG Singer Tekno, titled “Green Light”.

Dj Cuppy took to Instagram to share a video of her dance off with her grandma.

Its obvious that DJ Cuppy who recently relocated to Lagos, is limitlessly enjoying the city.

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She wrote:

Even My Grandma Is Rocking To #GreenLight Link In My Bio !!! #ToCuppyThisTune

Even My Grandma Is Rocking To #GreenLight 💚🎶🚦 Link In My Bio !!! #ToCuppyThisTune

A post shared by Cuppy (@cuppymusic) on

Proofs That Davido And Wizkid Are Still Enemies

It has been a while we enjoyed the friendship between Nigerian top superstars Wizkid and Davido.

Yes there was a time however brief that the two young men made us proud not just with their tunes and voices but also with their friendship!

However, things turned sour between them and despite every effort, nothing has remained the same ever since!

Despite not knowing the real cause of the beef between these men, they have refused to mend the broken fence between them and relate like friends, brothers and colleagues.

In the last couple of weeks, several events have shown us that these stars are still at loggerheads and far from being friends!

Davido’s short trial: With Davido losing a number if friends and facing persecution from the media and the police, his true friends and loyal colleagues reached out to him one way or the other to show their support and belief in him, but not a word from the camp of Wizkid on the matter!

Wizkid’s legendary performance in London: Only few celebrities did not celebrate the iconic performance of Wizkid at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Colleagues in the music and movie industry could not help but give kudos to Starboy for the achievement, no thumbs up from Davido in anyway!

Social media enemies; The gleam of hope we might have dwelled on would have been the fact that the stars follow each other on their social media platforms but even that is a mirage!

Now we have a feeling that Davido pulling out of Felabration could have more to do with personal reasons than the death of his friends. Re all that Wizkid was scheduled for the grand finale while Davido was scheduled for days before. Could Davido have felt slighted?

Well, all we want is for these fathers, to grow up, kiss, make up and face the future!

Source: GoldmyneTV

Singer Ed Sheeran Cancels Tour Dates After Injuring Arms in Bike Accident

Ed Sheeran has canceled numerous tour dates two days after fracturing his right wrist and left elbow due to a bicycle accident in London. The singer-songwriter nixed five shows booked through November 5th – in Taipei, Taiwan; Osaka, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; Tokyo and Hong Kong – from the Asian leg of his current Divide tour.

The singer-songwriter used to be a misfit; now he’s a hard-drinking superstar. But what he really wants is a normal life

An Instagram post detailed the painful injuries, noting that Sheeran is “unable to perform live concerts for the immediate future” and is “waiting to see how the healing progresses” before deciding how to proceed with further gigs.

Gabrielle Union steps out looking gorgeous in bold tropical two-piece after admitting she was raped at gunpoint

If there’s one person who looks nothing like what she’s been through, it’s actress Gabrielle Union.

The 44-year-old was all smiles as she arrived at her New York hotel. Earlier in the day, she had been a guest on Good Morning America where she made the heartbreaking revelation that she had been raped at gunpoint when she was 19.

But Gabrielle Union looked the picture of strength as she arrived at her New York hotel after a book discussion in the city on Tuesday. She looked absolutely gorgeous in a stylish, tropical co-ord which comprised of a billowing shirt and trousers emblazoned with a jazzy palm tree motif and contrasting stripe detailing. She paired the outfit with platform brogues.

I Thrived And I Am Still Thriving- Toke Makinwa

Media personality and vlogger, Toke Makinwa, took to her Instagram page to write a note to the person who tried to take her down, she let the person know that she has come out of the fire with a bang. Toke has indeed been through a lot in the past year, its good to know she came out unscathed.

Fela was my most interesting client because he always broke the law – Femi Falana

Popular human rights lawyer, Femi Falana (SAN), has given a rare insight into the kind of person the late Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo was during his lifetime.

According to Falana, Fela had a penchant for breaking the law as he would walk up to him to inform him ahead of his plans to violate the law, telling him to get ready to defend him in court.

According to Falana, Fela had a penchant for breaking the law, but he got away with a lot of violations because he always prepared his defence ahead.

Falana stated this during a lecture organised as part of the activities marking this year’s Felabration and Fela’s 79th birthday, which was marked posthumously.

He said: “I was Fela’s lawyer and I can tell you here, he’s been my most interesting client.

“Fela, for many of us, had propensity for criminality – for many people. But here was a guy, Fela, who would tell you, Femi, I wan commit this offence Ah, no nao. And he would say, ‘No, I am going to breach the new colonial law, it’s your business to defend me.’

“And as far as Fela was concerned, he would do it. And one thing I found very interesting was that he would have done his own work, all you then needed to do as a lawyer was just to look for the law to back up his own defence – a defence that you cannot challenge in any court. And that was how Fela got away with a lot of violations of the legal system.”

Falana also recalled how Fela spiritedly fought the military and campaigned against the white colonialists by delivering lectures and circulating a book titled, “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa,” among undergraduates in Nigerian universities.

Falana said: “As an undergraduate, one of the most valuable books I ever came across was ‘How Europe Underdeveloped Africa,’ by Walter Rodney. It was Fela who circulated and publicised that book in Africa.

“As far as Fela was concerned, that book had to be a compulsory read for every African undergraduate. You hardly would find such a book now. Fela would come to campuses with lorry load of books. Fela, in two years, delivered about 60 lectures on our campuses in the 80s, just to challenge Africans to drop our colonial names; to challenge us to decolonise our minds.

“Fela fought the African soldiers. Fela knew soldiers were a danger and Fela told all of us, when soldiers invade a town, they loot, they rape, they steal and that, therefore, we have to fight the army.”