Factoria Ibile Open to Letter Olamide (a.k.a Badoo ) @olamide_Ybnl


Tolulope Ayodeji by name a.k.a Factoria, I’m a fast Rising Rapper , Songwriter , Lyricist and performer.

I Graduated from Electrical/Electronic department, Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta.

I know you will wonder why I am writing you this letter Boss , but the Truth is I Sincerely appreciate your support for underground Artiste(s) and I am very sure if you have the capacity to absorb every Talents on the streets of Lagos or Nigeria as whole to your Record label you will sure have done that with no external Drives.

Nevertheless ,I write you this letter to take a Critical look at what is embedded in me that need to be harness and spice up for Music lovers consumption.

All I’m asking you Badoosneh is not cash , not clothes , not shoes, nor to Sign me in to your Record Label , but the favour I need from you is I want to be in my Song which I’m not buoyant to raise the fees to initiate that, Sincerely all mails I had forwarded to you had not Been responded to which most times give me a trauma on how to really get my message across to you .

But I’m taking this bold step by writing you publicly so that when you see this you will know how passionate I am about my Talent , and how am also serious about working with you and creating a path that will be worth emulating because you are Don in the game , I seek your favour to be feature on my Song .

I know strongly if this get to you with your open heart you will grant my request because you are a man with good heart that always want to see others grow.

Thank you for your assistance in anticipation , you’ve helped a lot , I also want you to bless my craft .

Below are avenues in which I can be reached .

Phone Number : 08071780918
IG /Twitter @Factoria_ibile

Yours Sincerely
Awoborode Tolulope Ayodeji
A.k.a Factoria



Ishola Precious is a post graduate student at the prestigious University of Ilorin. He is a dancer and also an Artiste. In an exclusive interview with higherlevel360.com’s Akinremi Abdul Raheem, he gave an insight of personal life and his upcoming project.

Enjoy the interview below:

For the sake of those reading about you for the first time, briefly introduce yourself.

My name is Ishola Precious, Post graduate student of Unilorin, dept. Of Architecture. I dance majorly and sings partly.

You double as a dancer and also as a musician . How do you manage this two together?

It hasn’t been a concern yet, beacuse I prefer dancing to singing.

How best do you like to introduce yourself? Is it as an Musician or as a dancer?


I introduce myself as a dancer.

How did this two started for you?

Started dancing at 5/6yrs (Michael Jackson was the influence tho) started singing at 15yrs (My siblings were the influence).

Who was the first person to believe in you?

First person to believe in me was my Brother (iPraiz CEO of Explicit empire where our dance crew is a subset) then I just dance to feel good at home, that’s all. I was very shy and quiet but he pushed me to join a Teens Club in the Church and that was it, even after then I always want to play safe (do things within the box) he always encourage me to come out of the cocoon I.e think big etc. 6.

Briefly give an insight of your educational background.

Hmm.. Started schooling in Kwara and still schooling in Kwara. I attended Bethel nur & prim.school and also Emmanuel Baptist College for my secondary school.

How do you manage showbiz with education?

There’s something I like to say “You just gatta do what you gatta do” that’s it and both must not lack.

Architecture is a very tedious course with several forms of assignments. Would you agree with me that you are really a determined person and a goal getter?

Well I think I am, if not I won’t be answering this today, one has to be to do this with studying Architecture also. God is involved!

What genre of music do you do?

I’ve not really gone public with Music yet, but I prefer to do the R n B with the Afro flavour, you get.

How many singles do you have so far?

Few, but on paper (laughs)

Do you have any label?

Explicit music

Let’s talk about your upcoming events. What is it all about?

Yea, it’s a Dance and Music concert (Dance meets Music) featuring a dance production titled”DAB”. It’s a full package to unlock and an Experience to experience.

What really brought about the idea of the event?

It is supposed to be just Dance before, until IPraiz and I were discussing about it one evening and he suggested us giving it a facelift adding Music to it so the idea was birthed”Dance Meets Music” (DMM).

Do you have any sponsors?
Yea. God is.

When and where is the event taking place?
The event will be coming up February 28th at the Performing Arts Theatre, Unilorin.

How can people purchase their tickets?

People can get tickets at coke village (Item7) or call any of the numbers at the bottom of the flyer
Lastly, how can fans reach out to you on social media?

On IG – sunnypresh on twitter – Sunpresh facebook – Precious Ishola


HL360 EXCLUSIVE: “I have over 10 collaborations so far” – Saintolar cc @Iamsaintolar @iamunclerahiiim

Here is another exciting edition of higherlevel360.com exclusive interviews. We present to you saintolar. Enjoy the interview below: Packaged by Akinremi Abdul Raheem.

How did you coin your stage name ‘Saintolar’?

Saint is my Nick,the Olar there is comprises of my names Otunola,Olaoti.Everything is all about Ola..So we have Saintolar.

You already have an album to your credit, how does it feels like?

It’s all by the grace of God Almighty.
It’s so amazing, so I always give God all the glory, cos He favoured me.

What were the challenges you faced while compiling the album?

It wasn’t easy at all,so many things i wouldn’t want to share,you know combining school and music hmmmmm
But I thank God for giving me the strength to carry on till the end “Indispensable Album.

How would you rate the success of the album?

For me it was a BiG success
Thanks to God Almighty,For bringing Moyinet Entertainment my way.I have had lots of testimonies ,even personally I’m blessed.

How did music started for you?

Been singing since my childhood .I also belong to so many music group back then and was greatly influenced by my Brother “Splendour” who is also an artist. I later formed a music, “The Explorers”. Before I later joined my Church Choir
which till date I’m an active member….

What genre of music do you do

Contemporary |rnb|hiphop|Sensational Alternative gospel

Why gospel songs and not secular music?

It’s a path I choose based on my believe and personal conviction. I just can’t do songs That won’t glorify the one who called me.He owns the gift.

Briefly give an insight of your educational background.

Currently an Undergraduate at the University of Ilorin
Bsc.Geography & Environmental Management.

How have you being able to combine music with education?

It has not been easy but, I thank God who makes all things easy,and work together for good.

Has there ever been a time you thought of dropping music for Education?

Yes o
I was formerly studying chemistry at Unilorin, then I had issues,had to step out for a while,before I now further more.

You dropped a hit single last year , November 14 , titled ‘Mama’. What is the inspiration behind the song?

My mum inspired me to do that very song,because of so much love I’ve received from her.She’s been so supportive through thick n thin.It’s a song for every mother
God bless our mothers!!!!


How would you rate the success of the song?

The song has been able to cut across alots ,because it a general piece for every listeners,and people really liked d song. Shout out to Spiqy for making d hit,and also Double Teezie for the Mix…

Would you consider yourself as a star already?

Although I’m not where I used to be,But I believe there’s a lot to come my way..So I wouldn’t allow little fame to enter my head
Watch out for Saintolar…. I’m a made star

If not music, what would you have ventured into?

Lol.. I’d be a motivational Speaker or Pastor



How many collaborations do you have so far?

Over 10 collaborations.

Which one would you consider has the biggest?

Wonder featuring Psalmos & Wellu Wellu featuring Biyi Samuel Igi Aruwe ( All in my Album)

Who do you really look up to in the industry?

Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?

I’d be doing so great ( Super star) and Enlarging God’s kingdom,all by His grace.

How can your fans reach you on social media?

I.G , FB ,Twitter : @Iamsaintolar

Thanks and God bless.
Once again thanks for interviewing me


HL360 EXCLUSIVE: “I will be dropping a video and EP this year” – UPSKID


Our guest on HL360 Artist of the week is Adepoju opeyemi popularly known as UPSKID. He is one of the hottest artist in town.

In an exclusive interview with Akinremi Abdul Raheem, he was able to do justice to some of the questions his fans would love to ask him personally. Enjoy the interview below;

For the sake of those reading about you for the first time, briefly introduce yourself.

I’m opeyemi adepoju aka Upskid an artiste from Ekiti state Nigeria.

How will you define your style of music?

Afro pop….. the African sound 🎼

For how long have you been doing music?

Four years professionally

Do you play any instrument?


Talking about your stage performance, how do you handle mistakes during performance?

Mistake is not in my dictionary

When was the first time you had a stage performance?


How was it?

It was encouraging

Have you ever thought of quitting?


What is the source of your inspirations?

My environment, my personal life

Do you still remember how first ever single


How would you rate it on a scale of 0-10?


Are you signed to any label?


Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?

Making waves 🌊 in my music career

If you are to collaborate with any of the Nigerian act, who would that be?



How do you handle your female fans?

It’s not easy but Jah bless all my female fans one ❤️

Do you have any other project you are working on?

Yes my Ep and promotion of my songs

Please kindly give an insight of your upcoming project.

A video dropping later this year and my Ep #WayupEP

How can your fans reach you on social medias?

IG: @upskid_rankin
Twitter: @upskid
Snapchat: @upskid

HL360 EXCLUSIVE: “I enjoy giving opportunities to lesser-established

Akinremi Abdul Raheem of higherlevel360.com recently caught up with Neillusion in an exclusive interview. The Guyanese born Canada based artist shed insight on his musical career. Enjoy the interview below :

As a Guyanese artist but based in Canada, how will you describe what it
feels like to be a Guyanese artist In Canada?

Being a Guyanese Artist in Canada isn’t anything special to me. Canada, especially Toronto, is home to many immigrants from many countries. I just consider myself an artist who has a unique taste for music. Although some are usually surprised to discover a Guyanese artist involved in Electronic Music and other non-Caribbean genres. Most Guyanese musicians end up being involved in Dancehall or Soca music exclusively.

Would you say doing music abroad is better than doing it in Guyana?

Definitely. Due to the limited availability of technology in Guyana, including Wireless internet, making music is still ‘old school,’ in a sense. Being abroad, and even working on projects internationally, is much more fluent in Canada than in Guyana.

Please kindly give an insight of your family and educational background.

I’m a pure-bred. I lived a fairly ‘normal’ life with my grandparents for the first half of my life, and moved to Toronto with my Mom at the age of 14. After high school, I chose not to continue my education in college or university. Instead, I pursued a career as an entrepreneur, getting involved in various fields such as, Marketing, Law, & Online Shopping. Due to my increasing interest in music, I chose to drop my business ventures and pursue music whole-heartedly

How did music started for you?

My musical curiosity sparked somewhere between the ages of 6 or 7. Growing up in a community where music is played loudly throughout the neighbourhood played a big part as to why I love bass so much. As I grew older, my music collection grew – mostly Dancehall Riddims – a hobby of mine. Moving to Canada gave me access to computers, something I didn’t have and couldn’t afford back home. My music collection progressed into Deejaying. I started making mixtapes and posted them on YouTube which a gained a fair bit of attention. I still craved to be more involved with music so I tried my hand at FL Studio and made my first few instrumentals at the age of 14. Hip Hop and Rap instrumentals were the trend at the time amongst my peers, so I produced a few hip hop tracks up until I discovered Electronic Dance Music at the age of 16. Ever since then I’ve been actively involved in the house music scene as a ‘dutch house’ artist.

If you were ever told you would do music professionally, would you have

I would believe it without a doubt. I always knew in the back of my mind that I would be doing music professionally regardless of what happened in my life. It’s something that I don’t think about and just happens naturally. My life always seems to gravitate towards music no matter what changes happen. I grew up with a family that wasn’t very supportive of my music career, but that never really stopped me. I’d be doing music regardless.

Your bio reads that you are an artist and also doubled as a producer.

How many singles do you have so far?

Officially, as Neillusion, I have 4 singles out so far. I rebranded myself at the end of 2016 and restarted my music career. I needed to start over and do things differently for myself. As of November 2017 I started officially publishing my singles to streaming services and music platforms.

What about music production, how many songs have you produced?

I’ve probably produced close to 100 tracks throughout my career. Many for peers and mutual music relationships. As previously mentioned, I was mostly involved in the Hip Hop & Rap scene when I first started out as a producer, and I knew a handful of people who were rappers so I was more than happy to work on as many projects as possible. As my skills progressed I started focusing more on quality and definition of each project, which lead to a decrease in speed of releases. I didn’t mind though. I was happy to release work more confidently.

Which of your singles who you consider as the biggest?

Renegades is currently my most popular single. It features Polish rapper from Warsaw on a hardcore trap/dubstep track. This is outside of my style and I rarely make tracks like these. But as I was working on it, I was considering a rap talent to be featured on it. That’s when I reached out to Szymore and sent him the base track. He did his thing and sent out the vocals. The song received positive criticism here in North America as well as Europe. Although, the Polish audience don’t really seem to like it, as they are more fans of traditional Hip Hop.

Who is the biggest artist you’ve worked with so far?

I’m currently working on a project with an artist from St Lucia, Blackboy, known for his song “Fire.” Other than that I don’t care much for the popularity of the artists that I work with. I enjoy giving opportunities to lesser-established artists and working with them can provide a platform for them to showcase their talents.

How best do you like to present yourself? Is it as an artist or a producer?

I would prefer to present myself as an artist as sometimes I release art that does not feature a vocalist. Often, I would feel that the sounds of the song already portrays the emotion or hype that I intended, so I would decide against a vocalist and the song would remain technically instrumental. And other times, I would seek a vocalist to complete the feel of the entire song, if needed.
Your musical style is considered to be a fusion of Dutch House music and
Caribbean music elements. Can you please explain this?

I’ve been influenced by Caribbean music through tradition. I grew up with Soca, Dancehall, Calypso, and Latin music, and these styles of music have distinct focus on it’s percussion. Percussion is considered to be the heartbeat of every song.
Dutch House is one of the first sub-genres of house music I was introduced to when I first discovered electronic music. Dutch is usually known for it’s high pitched synths and vocal chops, combined with Latin & African-based percussion samples. Combining these 2 passions gave me a unique sound which can be heard in all of my projects.

Why do you prefer not to associate your music with a certain genre?

Music is art, and some art can be envisioned prior to conception, and some has to occur naturally. I believe in the natural process of creating music – sort of “go with the flow.” A majority of my projects turn out completely different from what I intended when I started them. This results in songs falling in different categories, such as House Music, Hip Hop, Moombahton, Dancehall, and even Afrobeat. I have a passion for a wide variety of music, and cannot commit to just one genre. Therefore, I just choose to label myself as an ‘Electronic musician,’ which is a fairly broad category.

What is your relationship with artists based here in Nigeria? Do you have
any working relationship?

Currently, the only Nigerian musicians I closely associate with are Samm Chizi, Timi Jay, & Kelz, who I plan on extending our music / business relationship with into other projects in the near future. Other than that, I’m working on building a larger presence in Nigeria’s music scene. I am a huge fan of Afrobeat and would like to feature some of Nigeria’s vast talent on some of my tracks.

Let dive a little bit into your personal life. Are you into any

I’m a single of man. I cannot commit to a relationship at the moment, perhaps in the far future. Relationships can be time-consuming and distracting, both of which I cannot afford at this point in my life. Therefore, I choose to be a Lone Ranger and pursue the passion.

How do you handle female fans?

Statistically, from what I see at least, about 80% of my audience are females. From my perspective, girls don’t really go crazy over me, perhaps I’m not famous enough yet. There are a few Neillusion fan accounts online run by younger females and of course I can appreciate the attention.

Can you give an insight of your fashion sense?

I’ve been told I have a unique sense of fashion. I never really think much of it, though. I dress however I feel. I do enjoy skinny ripped jeans, and long tops. I don’t really wear hats anymore. Cardigans are preferred, although I’m too lazy to throw them on in winter. Overall, my fashion sense can be categorized as “Relaxed.”

Do you have any particular clothing brand you go for while shopping?

H&M always seems to fit my style -simple and casual. I never really intentionally go out shopping for clothes. I only buy clothes IF I’m out and something catches my eye. However, I do spoil myself with a bit of higher end clothing at times, a bit of MK, or some Commes Des Garcons wouldn’t hurt would it?

Do you have any project you are working on presently?

I’m currently working on a project with Samm Chizi. “One Second” is a song I’ve been working on since February 2017 and I’ve been waiting for the perfect vocalist to hop on the track. I reached out to Samm Chizi after I discovered his SoundCloud and hearing his new track “Simi.” After teaming up with Timi Jay & Kelz, we finally made the track happen. The song features an electronic dancehall vibe and is unlike any song I’ve ever made. I look forward to working on more projects with these guys.

When is it due for release?

I’m excited to announce that One Second will be released worldwide on January 17th 2018. It will be available on all digital stores and streaming services, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Boomplay, Google Play, Deezer, Napster, and everywhere else! We hope our audience can appreciate the amount of hard work put into this track.

On a final note, how can fans reach out to you on social media?

I’m quite active on Instagram (@nluzn) but fans and supporters are free to reach out using any social media platform as I frequently communicate through them.
Instagram: www.instagram.com/nluzn
Facebook: www.facebook.com/neillusion
Twitter: www.twitter.com/_nluzn
Website: www.neillusion.com

Dallas Banta ‘Me Lovetta’ video set to drop (See details)


Muhammed L Bah popularly known as Dallas Bantan has finally set a date for the release of his fresh hot banging single ‘Me Lovetta’.

Me Lovetta has been enjoying massive Airplays and trends on social media for a while now. The video which was shot in Las Vegas and was directed by Magic Rowland.

The video is set to drop Sunday January 14, 2018.

This is definitely a good way of starting the new year. Keep your fingers crossed as the video will be exclusively premiered on higherlevel360.com.


VIDEO: Davido Did Nothing Wrong By Copying My Line – Small Doctor

The currently trending Fia song by Davido, contains lines that seems to have been adopted from Small Doctor‘s hit single, Penalty. The line, ‘if you no get money hide your face’ is considered to be Small Doctor’s creation and a lot of fans have questioned Davido’s reason for ‘copying’ the line. It was rumored that Davido’s act of adopting the catchy line might not have augured well with the Penalty crooner.

However, the street pop artiste revealed in a recent interview that he has no problem with Davido’s decision to adopt his line on Fia. The singer said it is all in the confine of creativity and it is acceptable.




Emeka Daniel popularly known as APPYDAY is a Nigerian artiste but based in Norway. He was actually one of the participants of the just concluded Norway Got talent where he got through to the semis. APPYDAY bares it all in an exclusive interview with Akinremi Abdul Raheem of Higherlevel360.com. Enjoy the interview ;

Please, briefly introduce yourself.

I am Appyday. Fans call me the masculine voice that fills the room with passion and desire because I sound very masculine. I am Nigerian but based in Norway.

What part of Nigeria are you from?

From Eastern Nigeria.

How does it feels been an African participant at the just concluded Norway Got talent?

Norway’s Got Talent was a good outing for me. It was also challenging because I chose to perform only my original songs, but it was fun.


Appyday performing at the Norway Got Talent show

<strong>Was there any form of racism or verbal abuse ?

No,nothing like that.

Did you ever thought you would get to the semis?

Well, I am always confident about my music. I expected to go far though I honestly did know how far.

How was the experience like?

The experience was mixed with Excitement, Tension, Happiness, Exhaustion and Celebration. But it was a good one.

<strong>Would you say Norway Got talent has created a platform for your music?

Sure, Appyday is now a name most people in Norway would easily recognize. Norway’s Got Talent gave me that platform.

If you are given the opportunity to participate again, will you?

I don’t know honestly. I may have to think about that.

For how long have you been doing music?

Music for me started from childhood. But I started professional music in 1999.


How did music started for you?

It’s a trait I inherited from my Mum’s side. I had about 4 Uncles and Aunts that were all musicians. I started my music from the church choir.

What genre of music do you do?

My Music is Afrobeat . Now I am about to Invent a new kind of music that I call Afro norsk. I think Norwegians will like it.



People say African artistes find it difficult to create a niche for themselves outside the shores of Africa. How true is this?

Yeah it is very true because where you live is supposed to be the first place to start music promotions, but its usually more difficult to promote African music to Europeans who grew up with their kind of music. But if you plan the business part of your music properly, you can actually turn it to a great advantage because being an African musician in Europe kind of makes you special.

How will you define your relationship with other African artiste in Norway?

I have a good relationship with other African Musicians here. Like my name suggests , I am a happy guy (laughs). Many African musicians here admire me. We all learn from each other.

What are you working on presently?

I just dropped a new single “Pamper You Shege” 2 days ago. It’s the kind of song that never gets old. I Poured a lot of emotions into that single. You should listen to it on Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal etc


If you are to change anything about the African music, what would that be?

I am not ready to change African music bro.


Because The world don’t need African music to change . What the world needs is actually more of African music. The western world today is copying African beats and music style. African artists especially from Nigeria are winning awards and gaining recognition all over the world. Dancers and choreographers all want to dance to African music. Please people want more African music. I don’t want to change it but instead I will do fusions and variations of African music blended with European music style just to produce new flavors.

So what would you like to change?

What I want to change is African Leaders and the way they are leading Africa in fruitless circles. Wasting the future and talents of the youth. This is why helpless men women and children from Africa end up as Slaves in Libya 🇱🇾. It’s a SHAME.

How do you unwind?

I go see movies and spend some time with family.

Wizkid just won The best international act at the MOBO award, would you say he is better than Davido?

The dudes are equally good. They are making Nigeria proud.


If you are to collaborate with any artiste right now, who would that be?

I got my eyes on Flavor. I like the Dude. He is 100% cool.

Lastly, how can fans reach you and on social media?

On Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @iamappyday.

Fans can also reach me through my website www.myappyday.com

You can also feature on higherlevel360.com exclusive interview section. Kindly mail admin @ contact@higherlevel360.com or WhatsApp +2348137675296

(Exclusive) Sylve Bandy collaborate with flavour Nabania and BoomBeatz


The news reaching higherlevel360.com is that sylve Bandy is set to release a new single titled ‘Do something’ featuring popular naija highlife singer ‘Flavour’ and popular Artiste ‘Boombeatz’.

In a statement released by slyve Bandy’s management, the single is set to be released soon as every thing necessary for a smooth release has been put in place.

It is of no doubt that this single is really gonna shake the African music scene and it gonna last forever.

We are really anticipating for the release.

, ,



Muhammad L Bah popularly know as Dallas Banta who is currently on a peace tour in the state, recently performed in New Jersey amidst happy fans. The video which is currently trending on social media shows Dallas Banta doing what he knows how to do best.

Some fans who couldn’t hold their excitement were seen spraying him some Benjamins while some female fans were seen screaming.

This is a reflection of Dallas level of acceptability, dynamism and good quality. The world really needs to watchout for Dallas Banta.

Higher level Records to the world!