Prince Harry Admits He ‘Wanted Out’ of the Royal Family: ‘I Spent Many Years Kicking My Heels’

Not everyone thinks living a life of royalty is all it’s cracked up to be — even Prince Harry.

The 32-year-old royal sat opened up for a remarkably candid interview with The Daily Mail on Sunday, and admitted that, at a certain point in his life, he considered leaving his life behind and striking out on his own as a commoner.

“I spent many years kicking my heels and I didn’t want to grow up,” Harry said, of his infamous period of partying during his 20s. “I felt I wanted out, but then decided to stay in and work out a role for myself.”

It turns out that one of the most profound decisions in his life came when he chose to join the Army, which he served in for 10 years and called “the best escape I’ve ever had.”

However, in 2007, Harry had spent weeks in Afghanistan’s Helmand province when his position was revealed by the media and he was forced to pull out from involvement, which he said made his “very resentful.”

“I had felt as though I was really achieving something,” he said of his time in the military. “I have a deep understanding of all sorts of people from different backgrounds and I felt I was part of a team… I wasn’t a Prince, I was just Harry.”

After leaving the service, Harry decided to dedicate his time, his efforts and his fame to helping others. From servicemen coming home with physical and mental injuries to various mental health causes around the world, Harry has channeled his energy into finding a way to use his royal title in a way that leaves a lasting, positive mark.

He spoke strongly about the future of the British Monarchy, explaining that no one in the Royal Family wants to use their influence for frivolity. “[We] don’t want to be just a bunch of celebrities, but instead use our role for good,” Harry said.

“We want to make sure the monarchy lasts and are passionate about what it stands for,” he continued. “But it can’t go on as it has done under the Queen. There will be changes and pressure to get them right…things are moving so fast, especially because of social media, so we are involved in modernizing the monarchy.”


‘Will We Hear You gain?’ Rapper Mc Lyte Writes Kanye West a Tear-Jacking Letter

Mc Lyte has written Kanye West a heartfelt note that has gotten everyone worried about him again.

Writing on her Instagram last night, the rap amazon asked where West was, how he was doing and if he was okay since he deleted his Twitter and Instagram.

“My dear brother you are on my mind. Where are you? How are you? Will we hear you again? How you feel…will we ever hear how you feel? We miss you,” she began in her note.

Adding, “. Can’t wait to hear that next thing. Those words. That slay. So slick. Sing your song my brother, Jesus Walks…He does, you are, because he was. He is, he lives, ask & believe, he’ll manifest the gift—-NEW LIFE —We miss you Kanye.”

Recall that Kanye West suffered a mental breakdown shortly after his wife Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris. The rapper surfaced on social media in February to delete his pro-Trump tweets, and then he disappeared yet again, only to return to delete his accounts.

Many fans have been worried about his welfare, and so when Mc Lyte wrote him the tear-jacking note last night, she simply was echoing the thoughts of Ye’s millions of fans who have been worried about him.

Read her:

Have you noticed it has been quite some time since Kanye West was around to do any Kanye thing. Since his hospitalisation late last year, Kanye has mostly existed solely through his wife Kim Kardashian’s random social media posts. Beyond that, Yeezy has strayed from the limelight, quite the turn for a supposed “attention whore.”
Well, if you’re suffering Kanye withdrawals during his hiatus, you’re not alone, and one hip-hop legend is letting her feelings be known. MC Lyte took to Instagram to echo just about everybody’s sentiments, asking Kanye “Where are you?” and saying “we miss you.”

Kanye recently deleted both his Twitter and Instagram accounts, so it may take some time for ‘Ye to see the note, but if he does, and with his respect for hip-hop history, this might be just enough to at least get him to log back on to pay his respects to Lyte.

Rapper Sauce Kid Sentenced to 2 Years in US Prison After Denying Card Fraud Charges

The report adds that the rapper “obtained stolen bank card numbers and identifying information for their owners. He then encoded the account numbers onto blank plastic cards. After using an automated system to change account PINs, he was able to withdraw cash from bank ATMS and buy merchandise from stores between July 23 and 26.”
Like his counterpart Dammy Krane, Sinzu was arrested at an airport as he was set to board a flight. He was caught with a card encoding device and more than $6,000 in cash.

Following his arrest, the rapper was “charged with conspiracy to commit bank fraud, eight counts each of bank fraud and aggravated identity theft, and possession of 15 or more fraudulent bank cards.”

The report adds that the rapper “obtained stolen bank card numbers and identifying information for their owners. He then encoded the account numbers onto blank plastic cards. After using an automated system to change account PINs, he was able to withdraw cash from bank ATMS and buy merchandise from stores between July 23 and 26.”
Like his counterpart Dammy Krane, Sinzu was arrested at an airport as he was set to board a flight. He was caught with a card encoding device and more than $6,000 in cash.

Following his arrest, the rapper was “charged with conspiracy to commit bank fraud, eight counts each of bank fraud and aggravated identity theft, and possession of 15 or more fraudulent bank cards.”

In court, he pleaded guilty to the counts of aggravated identity theft, and since he accepted his wrongdoing, prosecutor dismissed other charges lined up for him.

Daddy Freeze Weighs In On The Falz/9ice Fraud Glorification Issue

Controversial media personality, Daddy Freeze, has weighed in on the hottest news of the moment, ”artistes glorifying fraud”.

The OAP, took to IG to share his thoughts on the issue,e noting that he agrees and supports Falz, on this as indeed, many artistes, praise fraudsters with their songs.

He wrote:

I stand with @falzthebahdguy!

Its the glorification of Fraudsters that birthed the likes of Evans, and gave rise to the herds of moronic herbivores seeking his release!

Songs seemingly promoting fraud aren’t 9ice…….

Although 9ice, has come out to deny his song LIVING THINGS, many believe is the song, Falz, was referring to in his interview with HIP TV, the issue keeps getting hotter as even family

Credit Card Theft: Dammy Krane Was Implicated – 2baba

Few weeks back, singer Dammy Krane was arrested for credit card/identity theft, a case which saw him being locked up, bailed and now slammed with 7 felony charges with new information emerging that 7 different credit cards were found in his pocket upon his arrest.

The AMIN singer and a couple of other celebrities, have however come out with poorly written speeches debunking the claim, stating he Dammy isn’t guilty, adding that the guy, he was arrested alongside, stole the cards.

A somewhat alarming twist cropped up few hours ago when Iconic singer 2baba, weighed in on the credit card theft issue, stating categorically that Dammy’s arrest, can be tagged as a mere case of ”implication.”

Speaking glowingly about his ex-act, 2baba, said the entire issue happened due to Dammy associating with the wrong set of people.

@dammykraneofficial 's card theft saga is a clear case of "Implication" – @official2baba

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    Lil Kesh Mocks Davido In New Video | Watch Details


    Well, it seems several celebrities may just be over Davido‘s insistent need for showing off and celebrating things which may more or less have been enjoyed/powerful when kept quiet.

    A few days back, the FALL crooner, had taken to snapchat to celebrate Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo following him on IG, a reaction which many would say is understandable due to his need to prove he isn’t as local as Wizkid, made him seem.

    Lil Kesh, may have just taken sides with Wizkid, as he made his feelings about Davido’s reaction known via snapchat, mocking and poo pooing the DMW boss’ choice of celebrating the new achievement.

    10 Artistes That Have Promoted Fraudsters | Can Falz Win This War?

    For hours now, a huge pot of boiling well kept hate embellished with rage and jealousy, has spewed over on the internet in form of harsh, lame and downright hateful unwarranted tweets, IG comments and what not towards rapper Falz, for having the audacity to not only mention FRAUDS/FRAUDSTERS but also chastise artistes who use their music to promote the heart-wrenching, murderous trade. This event may have just taken a new turn with fresh facts presented on the length at which this theme has thrived in the industry.

    With all the hate finally paving the way for some low self-esteemed, mentally displaced, self-loathing individuals to suddenly be consumed with ego and bragging rights they lack in real life, it should be noted that these norm (glorifying fraud/fraudsters) have actually been in play for a very long time.

    To the carriers of the slogan ‘I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, so I must ‘Chache‘, here are 10 songs by Nigerian acts promoting fraudsters.

    D’Banj – Mobolowowon
    Olu Maintain – Yahoozee
    Kelly Hansome – Maga Don Pay
    Reminisce – 2Mussh
    9ice – Living Things
    Olamide – Prayer For Client
    Junior Boy ft 9ice – Irapada [Now this song was meant to be about redemption but instead, it had the artistes hailing fraudsters and giving a couple of them cameo appearances in the video]
    Shobzy ft CDQ, Ycee – Eruku Remix
    Small Doctor – Penalty
    Olalakeside – Elegushi Spender
    Heated debates, shades and the likes, have for hours on end been taking place all over the country as to if Falz is right or not. With some agreeing Falz is right, but should have just turned a blind eye like few others have been doing, and others suddenly locating the writing spirit in them, composing lengthy open letters….what do you guys really think? Is Falz right and if he is , will he win the brewing war?

    Written by ‘Tope Delano

    Davido’s New Haircut Causes Major Stir Online

    DMW boss, Davido, has made it unto the news again, and as always have fans/followers divided on his issue.

    The FALL crooner, who some days back went crazy upon announcing that Madrid star Cristiano Roanldo, now follows him on IG, debut his new look, and yes, people are confused.

    Davido, shared a photo of his freshly cut hair with the number 7 inscribed on, it, immediately starting a debate as to what the new twist to his do, truly stands for.

    While many believe the number is his way of showing his love for Ronaldo, who wears the number 7 jersey, others think it is Davido’s way of showing his loyalty and support for cult group, Black Axe.

    What do you guys think? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

    Showing Off Is Our Lifestyle And No One Can Make Us Change That – Kcee


    With the internet still boiling over artistes learning to live a not so flashy lifestyle so as not to affect the youths negatively, singer Kcee, isn’t subscribed to that school of thoughts as he has made it clear, showing off is in his DNA and no one can bully him into living differently.

    In a recent chat with Saturday Beats, the LIMPOPO crooner, opened up about how he struggled to get to where he is today, despite many thinking he had finally arrived upon winning the Star Quest talent hunt show.

    “I left Ajegunle because we were unable to pay our house rent and the landlord threw us and our property out of the house. I was wearing only my boxers when the landlord threw us out of the house because we could not pay N70,000 for a three-bedroomed flat. My father started squatting with some people while my mother went to her sister’s house. My brother and I had to hustle. By then, we had won Star Quest so we had a rickety car, so we slept in the car. At the time they stole our car, things were tough because all our property was in the car. We were living from hotel to hotel and all we had was in the car. Sometimes we owed the hotels a lot of money which we paid after we had a show. To get shows then was even very hectic for Presh and I but we still believed that God would help us. By then, E-Money had to move on to learn how to be a freight agent. He later found his feet. Leaving Ajegunle was divine because I believe God sent the man to kick us out. After we left Ajegunle, we stayed in a room apartment in Ojodu before we got a place in Omole. After a while, E-Money started doing well and we bought a duplex in Omole, then he bought a piece of land and continued buying and the rest is history. The same thing with me; we grew up gradually and there was no time we were greedy to go into crime or defraud anyone.”

    On his and brother E-Money’s flashy lifestyle and how it is possible the source of their money might be tinted, Kcee said:

    “My brother is not into drugs or anything illegal. We are from a Christian home and we are very careful with our lifestyle and what we do. Our only weakness is that we show off. We like the good life. My brother is a hard worker. For about 17 years, people have been saying that we do drugs or 419 but why have we never been caught? Why haven’t we made a mistake? Why hasn’t someone come to expose us? When we had issues with some of our team members that left recently, a lot of people were waiting to hear that we were into illegality but they did not say that. My brother is a hard worker who is into clearing and forwarding, oil business, real estate, etc. He started from the scratch. He used to be my manager when I was with Presh but he left to start his own business. It is just the grace of God. When I was playing football, I was doing very well. I started with football and the first time I travelled out of this country, it was through football. I never saw music coming and it was something I did by the side. My brother and I laugh whenever people make statement like that. He does not do anything negative. If not, people would have come out to expose it. I am sorry but no one can make us change our lifestyle because it is in our DNA,” he said.

    David Beckham Is Headed to His First Music Festival With Son Brooklyn!

    David Beckham is helping to unveil an affordable housing project as part of Glastonbury Festival!

    The 42-year-old soccer star stepped out with his son Brooklyn to celebrate part of the project’s completion on Friday (June 23) on Maggie’s Farm in Glastonbury, England.

    The new housing project was the efforts of Glastonbury Fest founder Michael Eavis.

    The houses will be rented to local families including those working on Worthy Farm in the months leading up to Glastonbury Festival.

    David is also headed to the festival, which kicked off that same day.

    “Believe it or not, I’m 42-years old and it is my first festival and first time here,” David told The Telegraph.

    He added, “I’m excited and slightly nervous because I don’t know what to expect apart from the great acts and people having fun.”