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Nassar Ayoub | Biography, Music & Booking

Nassar Ayoub | Biography, Music & Booking

Sierra Leonean / Sierra Leone

Nasser Ayoub


Nasser Ayoub is a Lebanese/Sierra Leonean musician and businessman who hails from Kono, Eastern Province. Nasser was born in Sefadu. He is well known for his single ‘Tranga Yais Borbor’. Nasser, however, burst into the music industry with a single in collaboration with Daddy Saj called One Love. As a member of the Lebanese/Sierra Leonean community, Nasser is also a businessman. He runs Hotel Africanus and the Nasser Ayoub Foreign Exchange Bureau. Apart from being a musician himself, Nasser has been actively helping to promote Sierra Leonean music in the international scene while nationally use his financial funds to support young people in the entertainment industry. Nasser recently released a single titled, Keep The Faith, which was aired on the BBC during an interview with the artist. His song is aimed at instilling hope in the people of Sierra Leone during its fight against the deadly Ebola virus.





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